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We are more than happy to build a customized menu that will suit all your needs and desires. You are free to choose from a wide assortment of selections from our menu. Additionally, we are able to accommodate most special requests and are more than happy to consult our encyclopedia of Polish recipes to make your next event a truly special and unique culinary experience.


[ price calculated based on number of party ]

Breakfast Platter   


A selection of grilled sausages, cold cuts, cheeses, hot mustard and hardboiled eggs - served with freshly baked bread and rolls


Lunch Platter   


A selection of grilled sausages, pierogies with onion, bacon and sour cream and cabbage rolls in a tomato sauce


Sausages, Cold Cuts and Compliments Platter    

A selection of Polish Sausages - Juniper Sausage, Ham & Garlic Sausage, Slaska Sausage, Hunter Sausage with Polish Ham, Hungarian Spiced Salami and Turkey Ham – served with pickles, sauerkraut and Hot Polish Mustard.


Hot Sampler Platter   


A selection of beef and rice cabbage rolls in a tomato sauce, pierogies with onion, bacon and sour cream and hunter’s stew.


Breads and Rolls  


A selection of freshly baked breads and rolls, served with butter.


Cheese and Delicacies Platter  


A selection of Polish Cheeses – Krolewski Cheese, Zamojski Cheese, Smoked Salami Cheese – served with fresh fruit and pickled vegetables.


Baker’s Pride Platter   


A selection of mini muffins, scones, cakes and Polish inspired pastries.



Whether you're looking to cater a business meeting, birthday party or intimate get-together, Cook & Pan Polish Delicatessen & Cafe can help you make your event a memorable one. We offer a selection of Polish platters, including sausages & cold cuts, cheeses, deli salads, sandwiches, pierogies, cabbage rolls and much more. Additionally, we serve cake and other treats for dessert.


Please take a look at some of our selections. We are more than happy to create a customized menu with your specific preferences. Looking forward to hearing from you and helping you make your next event a memorable one!