F O O D    B O X E S

The world is changing and so are the shopping needs of consumers. As a means of dealing with the current situation, we are exploring various new ways of supplying our customers with the products they have come to love and rely on.

With this in mind, we have put together a number of food boxes that will not only simplify your food shopping experience, but also allow you to try new foods and develop new favourites. Select from one of our carefully assorted baskets or explore our online store and create your own personalized order.


Food boxes will be available for pickup every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Orders will be taken until  of each week and pickup or delivery will be available for either Sunday or Monday. To place an order, please visit our Online Shop or call us directly at 250 385 5509.







Please take a look at the boxes that we have put together and feel free to make any suggestions as to how they could be improved upon. 

N E C E S S I T I E S    B O X

Our necessities box includes everything that you need for a week of comfortable domestic living. Organic Fernwood Coffee Company beans, farm fresh eggs, milk, butter, Organic Wildfire Bakery Polish Style bread, Polish cheese, bacon and sausage. Pickles and sauerkraut.... 


W E E K L Y    D I N N E R    B O X

Our weekly dinner box includes ready and easy to prepare meals for each day of the week. Live alone? With a partner? An entire family? We can put together a box for you or everyone! Customers can choose from a wide assortment of foods to mix and match, ranging from pierogies, gnocchi and potato dumplings to cabbage rolls, hunter's stew and meatballs. Vegetarian? Many of our dishes either are or can be made into vegetarian options. Just let us know your dietary preferences and we will include recipes and meal ideas to compliment your selections. 


































Please note that this food comes frozen and requires minimal preparation.  




  • Pierogies with sauerkraut & mushroom

  • Pierogies with potato & cottage cheese

  • Pierogies with potato & onion

  • Pierogies with cheddar cheese

  • Pierogies with meat

  • Pierogies with blueberries

  • Gnocchi

  • Potato dumplings

  • Potato dumplings with sauerkraut & mushroom 

  • Cabbage rolls with meat

  • Vegetarian/Vegan cabbage rolls

  • Peeled potatoes

  • Hunter's Stew

  • Meat Balls

  • Pork Kutlets

  • Potato salad

  • Sauerkraut salad